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Dunbeath & Surrounding Area


Many hidden gems ranging from pottery, walks, beaches harbours, Straths, Brochs, fishing, beautiful sea and mountain views, Dunbeath Castle gardens, a hidden Fairy Glen with many more sites across the region steeped in history.

Dunbeath and the surrounding area has something for everyone.

Latheronwheel NC500



Dunbeath Strath is a beautiful Journey following the river into the heart of Caithness with many interesting landmarks to discover along the way.

Dunbeath also has a working harbour, stunning seaside walks towards Dunbeath Castle with caves en-route to explore perfect for dog walkers.

Check out Dunbeath Heritage Museum for further information on the above and many more places of interest.


Harbour, Strath and Fairy Glen


Latheronwheel has a beautiful Harbour with a picnic area, the village itself also has a local butcher.

The beautiful but challenging John O'Groats to Inverness walk passes through Latheronwheel, you see the signs near the Harbour.

In a short circular walk (good for children) you can follow Latheronwheel Strath and keep your eyes open for the Fairy Glen - look closely it's bigger than you think! Great stop for a picnic. There is map to help you find it in the Harbour carpark.

The steps.png


Whaligoe Steps, 7 miles south of Wick


Whaligoe is a small port at the bottom of a jaw-dropping cliff, accessed by over 330 stone steps! The steps were used to transport the fish caught by the fishermen each day and it was the job of the women, to carry the fish in baskets on their backs, up the steps for transportation to Wick seven miles away. Air-whoop for the amazing women who had that job - a must see to really appreciate what it must have been like for them.

Grey Cairns of Camster


Stand among two of the oldest stone monuments in Scotland – a pair of Neolithic tombs originally built more than 5,000 years ago. Although they have been reconstructed in modern times, the Grey Cairns of Camster provide a fascinating insight into Neolithic funerary practices.

Northhshore Pottery.jpg

Northshore Pottery



Northshore Pottery is the studio of Ceramic artist Jenny Mackenzie Ross. Visitors are welcome, and Jenny has  a small gallery alongside her workshop. Whatever is current in Jenny’s  work is also on display and for sale in the gallery.

Activities in and around Dunbeath


Diving - Dunbeath Bay 

Best in spring before the seaweed grows.

The wreck of Gretafield, a tanker torpedoed in 1940.

The tip of the mast can be seen at low-tide.

10-15m diving depth.

THE Gretafield was built in 1928 and the site has been thoroughly salvaged.


Walks - Dunbeath Strath (6.5miles)

Dunbeath Strath provides a walk with a fine variety of interest. Beautiful silver-birch woodland borders the stream and the rocky gorge whilst the open moors above provide expansive views. There is a wealth of archaeological remains along the way. Those looking for an easier walk can simply follow the route as far as the Prisoner's Leap.


Walks - John O' Groats Trail

Part of the coastal walk from Inverness to John o' Groats.

Fishing - Dunbeath 

brown trout.jpg

Canoeing  - Dunbeath to Berrideale

Not for the faint hearted an advanced stretch for the sea kayaker.

Don't assume all the best spots are in the west - come east-side and check out the one hundred and fifty meter cliffs dropping straight into the sea and thousands of sea birds!

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